11MM (7/16") Superline Winch Extension - 36,500 LBS - DGE-11-025-SEz 11MM (7/16") Superline Winch Extension - 36,500 LBS - DGE-11-025-SE
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11MM (7/16") Superline Winch Extension - 36,500 LBS - DGE-11-025-SE

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  1. Large soft eyes with heavy duty chafe protection are lightweight and accommodate any size shackle or hook
  2. Pre-stretched + heat-treated SK75 Dyneema fiber for ultimate tensile strength
  3. Velcro rope strap makes storage convenient and easy
  4. Labeled with breaking strength and diameter
  5. Extremely light weight
  6. Easily and safely extend the reach of your winch line


Diameter 7/16" (11 mm)
Breaking Strength 36,500 lbs (16,550 kg)
Recommended Winch Rating 15,000 - 24,000 lb (6,800 - 10,890 kg)
Material Pre-stretched + heat-treated Dyneema SK75 synthetic fiber


Here at Master Pull we believe that a synthetic winch extension is an absolute must have item in any winch recovery kit. You never know when your winch line will be just short of the closest anchor point, leaving you stuck and stranded. The Master Pull Superline Winch Extension gives you the extended reach you need and some piece of mind when out on the trail. It’s especially useful in winch recoveries involving snatch blocks which typically require a long length of line. Carrying a Superline Synthetic Winch Extension will ensure you get your vehicle recovery rigged up properly, no matter the scenario. 



  • Highest strength synthetic winch line available - 75% stronger on average
  • Use smaller diameter line without sacrificing strength
  • Less stretch than normal SK75 winch lines
  • Soft eyes with heavy duty chafe protection are lightweight, easy to use and durable
  • Spliced in the USA


  • Safer than steel wire rope
  • Stronger than steel wire rope
  • Extremely lightweight makes it easy to use
  • Floats in water
  • Torque-free
  • No more cut hands from wire splinters or burrs
  • Will not kink like steel wire rope
  • Will not rust

The Master Pull Superline Winch Extension was designed to be extremely lightweight and tough. We use heavy duty Technora chafe protection in the eyes instead of steel thimbles to keep the weight down and allow for a wide variety of hooks and shackles to fit in the eyes of the winch extension. A Rope Strap is included with every extension for easy, tangle free storage. You can also use it to strap the winch extension to a roll cage or bumper hoop for quick access.

Like our Superline Winch Line, the Superline Winch Extension is spliced in the USA with pre-stretched and heat-treated SK75 synthetic rope. The Superline Winch Line Extension is so light, that in the event of breakage it will not violently snap back like steel wire rope will, making it much safer. The reduced weight also allows for easier use than steel wire, and the soft fiber will not cut hands with splinters or burrs. On top of all these benefits, size for size, the Superline Winch Extension is stronger than the steel wire counterpart.


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